“Are YOU making this mistake when advertising your business?”

by gordon_mullan

Are you throwing away money by putting completely the wrong thing at the top of your adverts…on your business cards…your van…or your website?

I’d bet you at least 50-1 that you are…

Gordon screaming AARGH! It pains me – it physically pains me – every time I see yet another dedicated, hard-working businessman (or woman!) wasting their precious money on adverts, websites, business cards and more that just don’t work!https://retrokitchenappliances.net/

Or worse (and more often) that work just well enough for them not to realise it could be so much better!

Is this you? Can people find you easily?  Do you grab their attention instantly, and then give them a reason to contact you?

Do they understand exactly what burning problem or desire you can help them with, and exactly why they should choose YOU, rather than one of your competitors?

And are you committing the worst marketing sin of all – being faceless, characterless, and sounding like everyone else?

To find out (in less than 30 seconds) if you’re making the #1 mistake I see 98% of businesses make (and exactly how to fix it)

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