Did you know 007 drives a red van?

by gordon_mullan

I was motoring along the A45 this morning and spotted a red van that caught my attention.  Unfortunately, being a responsible driver (honest!) I couldn’t take a picture, but I noted the web address:


One of my (many!) hobby horses is companies who spend serious amounts of money having their vans sign-written, and in some cases fully vinyl wrapped, but just put the company name, logo and phone number, with absolutely NO information about what they do, or any reason why you should call them!

AAARGH! What a wasted opportunity!  You’ve got a whacking great van or even articulated lorry, driving about on the roads every day like a mobile billboard, and you’re NOT USING IT!

I have to say, I think there could have been more ‘reasons to call us’ on the red van I saw from 007 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, but I bet you that if I ever needed someone for air conditioning for The Nightingale Clinic, I’ll remember “Licence To Chill“!

Some other good examples of memorable business names and sign writing on vans and commercial vehicles include:

  • A cesspit emptying service called, simply, SuckCess
  • The Flat Roof Company (from memory, the van was covered in a picture of a leaking roof, with the question “Got a leaky flat roof?  Call The Flat Roof Company” – perfect!)

Here’s your question for today – if you’ve got a company vehicle of any description:

  1. Is it signwritten?  If not, why not?
  2. If yes, does it actually tell people what you do? (Hint: a company name like “ABC Plastering” doesn’t count!)
  3. Does it give people a compelling reason to call you?  (Another hint: “Established whenever“, “The solution for whatever“, “Your complete answer to whatever” don’t count either!)
  4. Does it convey professional contact information? (Yet another hint: email addresses like plastering1969@yahoo.com absolutely scream “AMATEUR!” – register a domain name and get a proper email address!)

If you can’t answer YES to all four questions above, you are throwing away money and business.

I’ve lost count of the number of vans, lorries, etc. I’ve driven behind that might have been for a business that did something I might have desperately needed, or been interested in, but because of the lack, or poor quality, of the sign writing, they missed out.

One of my particular bug bears is a bunch of vans all over the UK for Reality Group.  I have several problems:

  1. The company name gives no indication what they do, and there’s no other text
  2. The logo is meaningless colours – no clue there
  3. There is absolutely no contact information anywhere on the van!

Mind you, on the basis of this post, it sounds like they don’t want anyone to be able to talk to them anyway…

So, back to the main question.  It’s simply this – is your business missing a massive mobile opportunity to get more business?

Look at your vehicles today (like right now – look out of the window if you need to!) and ask yourself: If I needed what our company has to offer, but didn’t know anything about the company, would I:

  1. Know what our company does?
  2. See a compelling reason to call the company?
  3. Remember the company name, phone number or web address well enough to look it up later?

That’s all for now!

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