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May 2009

The Blagojevich Bleeps I came across a guy called Andy Wibbels today, author of GO Blog Wild, and think he articulates what I’m talking about in Personality Marketing very well (in fact, damn near word-for-word!).

To quote:

I mean what I say and I say what I mean. It is part of my ‘brand’ but also inherently me. If you don’t like it that is fine: I don’t want your business. I’ve worked for uptight people that hide behind jargon and it is tiring.

I couldn’t agree more!  Not everyone will like a New Year’s resolution kind of post entitled “Five Ways You’ll Fuck Up 2009” but if you do (and I do, for what it’s worth), then you know you’re going to like the guy behind the post.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting everyone start using the f-word all over the place (it gets really boring/annoying really quick) but, as Andy says, in some circumstances, only a really good shot of Anglo-Saxon gets the job done.

After all, last time you dropped something heavy on your foot, hammered your thumb or, for the third time in a week, cracked your head on the sharp corner of a cupboard in the utility room when standing up after putting stuff in the washing machine (can you guess which one applies to me? 😉 ), I’m willing to bet you probably didn’t say “Oh dearie me, that hurt a bit….”

But the more general point here is this – are you being authentic in your communications?  If someone reads what you’ve written, can they ‘hear’ your voice?  Or are you censoring yourself for fear of offending some faceless somebody somewhere?

One word – DON’T.  By all means, be polite and don’t be unnecessarily rude or offensive, but BE YOURSELF.

As one of the commenters on Andy’s post about Profanity in Business Blogging says:

“I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not”