Delta safety video shows how personality pays off

by gordon_mullan

Similar to the article I wrote about the Virgin Atlantic safety video, Delta Airline has discovered how putting some personality into what is normally a very mundane and ignored piece of communication can really make a difference.

With (at the time of writing) just shy of half a million (499,373) views on YouTube, Katherine Lee (who’s been dubbed ‘Deltalina’ for her resemblance to Angelina Jolie) has brought Delta Airline some huge benefits:

  1. People now actually watch the safety video (the original and admirable intent)
  2. Delta is getting massive exposure on blogs, news channels and so on
  3. I suspect there may even be some people choose to fly Delta purely to watch the safety video and find out what the fuss is.  At the very least, you can be damn sure they’ll be telling other people about it! (Watch for the now infamous ‘finger wag’ about half-way through 🙂 )

Here’s my challenge for you.

Think about the ordinary, every day, regular communication touch points you have with your customers.  Is there any way you could put more of your personality into those communications?  It could be order confirmation emails, it could be invoices – any time you communicate with your customers and clients, you have an opportunity to inject personality.

Pick one thing and change it – today.

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