Do your order and shipping confirmation emails have personality?

by gordon_mullan

You might remember me talking about how I think Clarity IT is a shining example of the kind of marketing approach I’m talking about in the post “Getting a little Clarity in your marketing“.

Well, I just had my standard ‘your order has been shipped’ email, but I also got a more personal (and fun) email to go with it.  Yet again, a great illustration of how to communicate your personality to your customers:

Dear Mr. Gordon Mullan,



Your order’s been shipped.


Please take a moment to read the notes here too.


Even as you read this, postal and carrier workers will be dedicating their efforts to making sure your goodies arrive intact and with all haste.




If the Postie misses you he’ll leave a card with details of how to collect your package from your local RM Collections Office or request a re-delivery.


Recorded Delivery items are held for 5 working days, and Special Delivery items for 3 working days before coming back to Clarity.  Please note you will need to pay for the cost of shipping again if we need to resend an order which comes back to us.


*Larger orders sent via a carrier service operate slightly different pickup/redelivery arrangements – see your Missed Delivery Card for specific details.


Thanks very much for your business, and especially for your money.  What would also be great would be your repeat business in the future, your referral businsess from your mates/colleagues/kinfolk, and any well placed name-dropping in any forums you frequent.  😉


Here’s a question for you – if you send out any kind of confirmation emails, do yours have this much personality?  If not, try putting some in – it all helps differentiate you from the next business along!

Remember – marketing isn’t just advertising.  It happens every time you have an interaction with the customer, even if that contact is automated.

If you use an e-commerce or shopping cart system, edit your confirmation emails today to put a little bit of personality into them – it only takes a few minutes, but it makes them seem that much more…well, personal.

(Not to mention more likely to get read!)

Go on – do it now.  The more personal and friendly you can make it, the better.

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