Does your newsletter have personality?

by gordon_mullan

Got this from MarketingProfs:

“In a Web 2.0 world of blogs, podcasts and social networks, the humble newsletter might lack sex appeal. And while the notion of a newsletter might not be overtly enticing, it can still prove an effective channel for communicating with your customers. Trick is: make it a must-read publication. According to Simon Glickman and Julia Rubiner of Editorial Emergency, the best have four common traits:

  • A distinctive voice that cements the brand
  • Pithy, interesting information
  • A lively layout
  • Interactivity

Editorial Emergency gives a gold star to The Colorado Wine Company’s weekly newsletter. Here’s what they get right:

  • A playfully irreverent tone accurately reflects a shop where themed evenings include “The White Trash Wine Tasting,” with pairings like Pinot Gris and “Le Pig in Blanket.”
  • There’s some rich content here. “Owners John and Jennifer Nugent tell their tales of the grape with self-deprecating humor and genuine passion,” say Glickman and Rubiner.
  • Their interactive polls are great. Editorial Emergency asks if wine-expert critiques of the Cabernet Franc were “total b.s.” or only “partly b.s.”

The Po!nt: The Colorado Wine Company’s newsletter is both entertaining and worthwhile; do the same with yours to reinforce your brand.”

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