Getting a little ‘Clarity’ in your marketing

by gordon_mullan

Sometimes I come across websites from people that just ‘get it’.  The guys at Clarity IT are one of the few, and a shining example of what I’m trying to get through the skull of every small business owner out there.

I think they have a brilliant, hilarious and devastatingly effective website (I just ordered some of their ADSL sockets a few days ago).

I started Personality Marketing around one very strong belief/desire – to get small businesses to put some ****ing personality into their marketing!

Basically, if I have to read one more one-man operation writing “We were established in 1998 and strive to provide a complete, end-to-end solution to all your <whatever> needs” I’m gonna SCREAM! 

You’re a small business – people do business with you because of who YOU are – so BE YOU for God’s sake!  If you spoke to your customers the way your website/marketing materials speak to your customers, they’d be asleep inside 30 seconds! 

So what if you piss a few people off – they were probably not a good fit for you in the first place, and you’d have hated working with them anyway.

Whew – rant over (well, until the next time I see the same thing).

The problem is, when I try to explain to people that ‘personality sells’, they get all nervous and “ooh no, couldn’t possibly speak to our customers like that on our website”.  Well, I’d like to hold John Doyle, and the Clarity IT website, up as a shining example to say “oh yes you can – and do very nicely out of it as well”.

I think what John does, and how he says it, is the absolute, pretty much perfect embodiment of “Personality Marketing” – and I LOVE it!

Keep it up John – you deserve wild, unconstrained success in everything you do.

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