How Anatomicals made their product stand out on the shelf

by gordon_mullan

It’s amazing where you see examples of companies putting personality into their marketing – and in this case, their marketing being the naming and packaging of some very mundane/every day kind of products.

What brands come to mind when you think of the following: Breath freshener; lip balm; hangover cures; energy patches?

Before last Monday, nothing particularly would have jumped to mind for me.  What’s changed?

Well, I was standing in line at a motorway service station, and spotted these products on a shelf as I was queueing up to pay, and felt compelled to whip out my trusty Sony Ericsson camphone (a K850i if you’re interested!) and take a picture…

Anatomicals show how to inject personality into mundane products

Absolutely brilliant!  Very simple, eye catching packaging, big bold typeface, simple but memorable names.

“the bender mender” – “snog me senseless” – “snoozers are losers” – “stop cracking up”

I’d never heard of Anatomicals before, but you can rest assured I’ll remember them – and just based on one, casual encounter with their product packaging, where I didn’t even buy anything!

Question for you: if you sell products (or services, the same principle applies!), can you change your packaging or advertising, and possibly the name of what you offer, to make it simpler to understand what it does, and more memorable?

Do something, DO ANYTHING, but stand out from the crowd – or get trampled by it!

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