Michael Knight – a lone crusader in a dangerous world of credit crunches and loan sharks

by gordon_mullan

Knight Rider
Creative Commons License photo credit: mikesalibaphoto

Wow – it’s a great buzz when someone takes my advice and I see the personality start to emerge!

One guy who’s done just that is our mortgage advisor, Michael Knight. And yes, that really is his name!

With the obvious connection to Knight Rider, I suggested Michael should use the name to make himself stand out in the crowd – which is exactly what he’s doing. He even name-checked me on his new blog: http://bartonmortgageservices.com/blog/?p=6

I can thoroughly recommend Michael as ‘one of the good guys’ – the testimonial on his site from me is 100% meant:

Michael has always offered sound and sensible advice, and really took the time to understand our needs. Both my wife and I are self-employed, meaning that we were a more difficult proposition than most when looking for a mortgage and insurance, but Michael found the perfect product for us.

He wasn’t pushy, didn’t try to sell us insurance (or anything else) we didn’t need, and was always a pleasure to deal with. In an industry populated with a lot of commission-driven salesmen, Michael was a breath of fresh air and we would recommend him without hesitation.

Thanks Mike – more power to your elbow! I gave him a whole bunch of other ‘PR-friendly’ ideas, so we’ll see how many of them he’s got the brass neck to implement 🙂

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