Millies Cookies? Millies cock-ups more like…

by gordon_mullan

Millies Cookies Milton Keynes

I had the perfect illustration just this afternoon of why some businesses don’t deserve to be in business.

My family and I had just finished shopping in Milton Keynes, and decided to grab a delicious cookie before we headed back to the car.  As usual, we went to Millies Cookies (the one just opposite Brunches, if you know Milton Keynes shopping centre at all).

As we ordered our cookies, I noticed a small metal sign fixed inside the display case that read:

If we don’t hand you a receipt with your purchase, your order is free

Not having noticed this before, I decided to wait and see what happened.  The girl added up the order, I paid, and she gave me my change, but no receipt.

As she turned to serve the next customer I smiled and said “I guess that makes my order free then?”

She looked a little confused until I pointed to the sign.  She looked sheepish, and turned to (what I presume was) the manager, and said “Erm, I forgot to give him his receipt”.

The managers response?

Grabbed the receipt from the till, put it on the counter and said, “There you are”.


I politely pointed out what the sign said, and she said “But it was only a 2 minutes, you’ve got your receipt now”.   I pointed out what it said again, and she replied “But that’s if we can’t give you a receipt” and even tried to claim that’s what the sign said.

Now, having listened to her try to wriggle out of this, I read the wording again – and actually, the sign said one other thing, which makes her “it was only 2 minutes” excuse even more inexcusable:

If we don’t hand you a receipt with your purchase, your order is free
(as long as you tell us straight away that is!)

So…I ordered, paid, and was not given a receipt.  I told them straight away.  And this woman wants to argue about it? 

Which bit of that customer promise sign is unclear?  Where exactly does it say “if we can’t give you a receipt”…or “if we don’t give you a receipt inside a couple of minutes”…or “if we don’t give you a receipt after you’ve asked”??

The manager finally got really huffy and said “I suppose you want it free then?”.  I smiled and said “Yes please”, and she finally gave me my money back, I worked very hard for that money, I gambled with for two days in a row.

BIG lesson here, Millies Cookies of Milton Keynes – if you’re going to make promises about your service, and especially if you’re going to put up a sign stating that promise, DON’T TRY AND WRIGGLE OUT OF IT! 

You just end up upsetting customers, who then might go and write a blog entry about it and tell a few hundred people (or more) about it…<evil grin>

So, what bad experiences have you had with shops breaking customer service promises?  Leave me some comments – I’d love to hear ’em!

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