More idiotic sign writing on vans

by gordon_mullan

I was driving down the M1 this morning (my usual route), and I saw two more examples of the sorts of stupidity I talked about in this post.

The two companies/vans in question were for:

  1. InSpace
  2. Best-One

Can you spot the problem already?

InSpace was by far the worst offender.  Logos on all sides of the van, but:

  1. The company name doesn’t give the first clue what the company does or what problems it solves
  2. There was no tagline or mission statement to give any hints
  3. There were no contact details anywhere on the van!

Yes, another example like my favourite ‘bunch of noddies’ Reality Group.

Best-One were only marginally better:

  1. Again, company name gives no clue to what they do, or the problems they solve. Best One of what?
  2. They did have a tagline.  Hallelujah, you might think? HONK! Wrong! The tagline was this “Serving the local community”. AAARGH! Serving them by doing WHAT?!?! Picking up litter? Working at the local soup kitchen? Giving the local residents a headache by trying to figure out what “Best-One” does?
  3. Yet again, no contact details anywhere on the van!

Here’s a clue guys (if you’re reading) – if your tagline could apply to any company, not just yours, and even worse, if it could apply to a completely different industry, then it’s POINTLESS.

Get rid of it immediately, and think of something that expresses your USP (Unique Selling Point) and, since this is Personality Marketing, preferably your UPT (Unique Personality Trait) as well.

In my case, my tagline is currently “Get more business, more easily, with more fun, by being 100% you”.

And just for completeness, I saw several examples of another idiotic way of doing sign-writing on your van – making it so damn small that you need to be 3 feet from the back of the van to read it!

Just remember – I’m doing 70MPH (well, 70-ish ;-)) down the M1 – I do not want to get 3 feet from your bumper to find out if your company might be able to help me.

Make it big – make it simple – make it memorable

Oh, and one final thing.

If you’re reading this and thinking “I don’t have company vehicles, so this doesn’t apply to me” – WRONG. Unless you take public transport everywhere, there are several ways you can promote your business on your vehicle, even if it’s your own car, without wrecking the paintwork.

Here’s a few quick suggestions:

  1. Magnetic vehicle signs. You often see them on private cabs, but they work just as well on private cars, and just as well on the tailgate as on the side doors.
  2. Custom printed sun shades. One I often see (and they make good giveaways for some firms) is advertising Kiddicare.
  3. If you drive a 4×4 with an external spare wheel, try a spare wheel cover sign.

But whatever you choose, remember: Make it big – make it simple – make it memorable

Two essential components:

  1. Your contact details (phone, web address or both)
  2. A compelling reason to call you

What can you do to create some free or low cost mobile advertising?

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