Optimism is the cure for the downturn

by gordon_mullan

I came across a story on the BBC News website today that I whole-heartedly agree with, entitled “Optimism is the cure for the downturn“.

In it, entrepreneur Sir David Tang says:

Pessimism is the most serious cause for the global economic tsunami.

There is an ocean of people who are now feeling so depressed that not only have they become resigned to the fact that they are in deep trouble, but they have told everybody else that they are also in deep trouble.

Pessimism has an uncanny knack of being self-fulfilling.

It is only with a sense of optimism, preferably accompanied by a sense of energy and laughter, that we will be able to pick ourselves up from a broken Humpty Dumpty.

I couldn’t agree more.  Yes, there are undeniably some genuine economic and financial issues that need addressing, but if everyone mopes about and talks about nothing but doom and gloom, it just makes everything worse.

Here’s my challenge to you.  If parts of your business are drying up, what can you do to either:

a) Make existing products or services more attractive (and I don’t mean just discount, as it’s been proven that discounts generally don’t new clients, or long term loyalty, they just mean existing clients grab the money off and you end up with lower profits)

b) Create new products or services that are in tune with what people want right now (and please note – I said want, not need).

That last point might seem counter-intuitive – surely if you sell what people need you’ll make money?  Well, that’s only partly true I’m afraid…

While you’ll probably do OK if it’s things people genuinely can’t do without, but you’ll do better (and most likely have a lot more fun) if you can figure out what people want.

And if you manage to figure out what your customers secretly yearn for, then they will seek you out, wherever you are.

But, to go back to the story I started with, listen to how you talk about yourself and your business to yourself and to others, and ask yourself…

Am I being pessimistic or optimistic?

Does this help or hinder me and my business?

Would I want to listen to someone talking about the kinds of things I’m talking about?

I’m not saying ignore the realities – I’m saying stop just moaning about them and do or say something optimistic about it today.

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