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Got this from MarketingProfs:

“In a Web 2.0 world of blogs, podcasts and social networks, the humble newsletter might lack sex appeal. And while the notion of a newsletter might not be overtly enticing, it can still prove an effective channel for communicating with your customers. Trick is: make it a must-read publication. According to Simon Glickman and Julia Rubiner of Editorial Emergency, the best have four common traits:

  • A distinctive voice that cements the brand
  • Pithy, interesting information
  • A lively layout
  • Interactivity

Editorial Emergency gives a gold star to The Colorado Wine Company’s weekly newsletter. Here’s what they get right:

  • A playfully irreverent tone accurately reflects a shop where themed evenings include “The White Trash Wine Tasting,” with pairings like Pinot Gris and “Le Pig in Blanket.”
  • There’s some rich content here. “Owners John and Jennifer Nugent tell their tales of the grape with self-deprecating humor and genuine passion,” say Glickman and Rubiner.
  • Their interactive polls are great. Editorial Emergency asks if wine-expert critiques of the Cabernet Franc were “total b.s.” or only “partly b.s.”

The Po!nt: The Colorado Wine Company’s newsletter is both entertaining and worthwhile; do the same with yours to reinforce your brand.”

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What wombats can teach you about copywriting

February 29, 2008

One guy I’ve been following for a long time, and whose style I really like, is Paul Myers. He recently created a report which “…explains the unlikely connection between Grammar Cops, yuppie reporters, wombats and marketing. It also shows that you can find powerful marketing lessons almost everywhere. In the process, it’s good for a […]

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