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A blogger and entrepreneur I follow called Jeff Chavez of NorthStar Think Tank¬†referenced a truck he’d seen recently:

I was driving next to a truck that was transporting some portable bathrooms. The company was called “Port-O-John.” On the door of the truck were these words, “The Number One Company in a Number Two Business!”

Now, if you needed portable toilets, I think this would stick in your mind!  It fulfils the criteria of:

  • Describing what the business does
  • Being memorable
  • Being relevant to the product or service
  • Providing a reason to call

That last point is slightly debatable since they haven’t ‘proved’ if or why they’re number one, but all-in-all, it’s a hell of a lot better than the kind of thing most businesses choose to put on their vans e.g.:

AJ Smith Sanitary Solutions
Tel: 01234 567890

If you have a van, take a look at it now.  Then ask yourself if it meets the criteria above.

If you’ve seen particularly good or particularly bad examples of van sign-writing, please leave me a comment below – I’m looking for examples for a special report I’m creating.



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