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Came across a great blog today:

They asked their readers/contributors for their top marketing secrets and compiled it into a free report, which I’d like to offer you today.

It’s completely free, and you don’t need to register to download it: 100 Best Kept Marketing Secrets

There’s a lot of common sense in there, as well as some suggestions that I’ll be taking up. 

Have a read – it’s worth your time.


Acknowledge when you’ve been rubbish

February 29, 2008

OK, OK – I know.  You might be thinking I’m rather over-using these guys as an example, but I really do think they ‘get it’ far more than 99.999% of small businesses out there.  (And no, I don’t get anything for recommending them or talking about them). So why another post about Clarity?  Well, despite […]

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Do your order and shipping confirmation emails have personality?

February 29, 2008

You might remember me talking about how I think Clarity IT is a shining example of the kind of marketing approach I’m talking about in the post “Getting a little Clarity in your marketing“. Well, I just had my standard ‘your order has been shipped’ email, but I also got a more personal (and fun) […]

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Getting a little ‘Clarity’ in your marketing

February 22, 2008

Sometimes I come across websites from people that just ‘get it’.  The guys at Clarity IT are one of the few, and a shining example of what I’m trying to get through the skull of every small business owner out there. I think they have a brilliant, hilarious and devastatingly effective website (I just ordered […]

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