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Good van signwriting for loft ladders

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I have ranted on several occasions about idiotic sign writing on vans.¬† Well, last night, I saw this, which I reckon is a pretty good example of van sign-writing.

It’s a very simple, cheap to produce, magnetic sign.

There’s nothing clever or fancy about the wording or the presentation.

But if you’re thinking of having a loft ladder fitted, I’d say this is pretty damn good.¬† Why?

  1. You know how much it will cost, including supply and fitting
  2. It answers any concerns about the disruption fitting might cause

Put another way, anyone that rings this guy as a result of seeing his van is probably a pretty good prospect.

Yes, there’s ways it could be improved, but I think this example just goes to prove that sometimes, simple signs work best.

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A fantastic example of crap marketing

November 12, 2008

A blogger and entrepreneur I follow called Jeff Chavez of NorthStar Think Tank¬†referenced a truck he’d seen recently: I was driving next to a truck that was transporting some portable bathrooms. The company was called “Port-O-John.” On the door of the truck were these words, “The Number One Company in a Number Two Business!” Now, […]

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More idiotic sign writing on vans

June 4, 2008

More examples of idiotic choices for sign writing on vans, and some suggestions on how to improve, or use sign writing on your own private vehicle.

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