Top 10 worst SEO mistakes

by gordon_mullan

If you own, run or are otherwise responsible for, or dependent on, a website, you know you need to be doing search engine optimisation (SEO), right?

Well, there’s a great post today from entitled “Top 10 Most Egregious SEO Mistakes” (great word, that egregious!).

You can find the whole post by following the link above, but I could rant for hours about points #4 and point #1.

My personal experience of website designers who claim to ‘do’ SEO but don’t have the first bloody clue…

I run several websites, and have had countless web designers spam me with offers to ‘improve’ my website for me.  One particularly memorable offender (because I spoke to them on the phone), was BT (yes, that BT, as in BT Tradespace).

They’d offered to ‘improve’ The Nightingale Clinic website, and he pointed me to an example client site he was very proud of.  It took me all of about 10 seconds to point out to him some huge, glaring errors from an SEO and marketing standpoint (and I wish I could remember the URL or company name). 

Here’s a few quick highlights of the problems (and if you have a web designer touting you for business, listen up, and look for these things)…

The company was a health and beauty clinic in London, offering cellulite reduction using the Endermologie machine (quite well known, to the point potential clients may well search for that specific system).  Here’s what I found:

  1. The URL of the website was the name of the company. Ooooookay – sorta justifiable.  Unfortunately, it was some abstract name that meant nothing to anyone except themselves, and had no relevance to the treatments or the machine.
  2. The title of every single page was the name of the company – AARGH!  Absolutely THE most important on page SEO factor is have your keywords in your page titles!
  3. Nowhere on the site did the key phrases like “cellulite reduction in London” or “endermologie treatment London” or anything similar appear.
  4. Lots of the wording was in images or Flash, with no descriptive text so wasn’t indexable
  5. The photo was obviously stock imagery, rather than decent quality photos of the clinic and staff, etc.

I could go on, but it was an absolute disaster from an SEO standpoint.

Read that post from Hubspot, and check out their list, and read the comments below the post as well, as there’s some other useful stuff to watch out for there too like the articles about why good web hosting is also an important for SEO marketing.  Websites that operate smooth and swift are more likely to grab better Google search rankings and this is only possible when a website is hosted on a top-notch hosting server. If you are in need of a better service, check this wordpress hosting provider plans at the link.

So, next time you get approached by (or ‘interview’) a website design firm that claims to know SEO – check their portfolio. 

Think about what words you would use to find their clients websites, and then try searching for them in Google. For SEO information and guidance visit Victorious.

If they don’t rank anywhere, or if they fall foul of the mistakes in the Hubspot post – RUN, DON’T WALK!

And if you want someone to review your website, or the portfolio of a website designer you’re thinking of working with, call me on 07971 813322 – I’d love to help!

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