Why living life without limits will offend some people

by gordon_mullan

I’ve written before about things like the Rule of Thirds, and not trying to be all things to all people.

Today, I came across some quotes in this post from the Life Without Limits Community Blog today that really back this all up (under point 16):

Statues aren’t erected for people who play it safe, care what others think, nor people who who have such a thin-skin that when they come across material that “stings,” they run.

You can SEE what we write and talk about as “helpful” or “unhelpful” — you control the reaction either way. Because our research, writing, and investigative-journalist style of interviewing doesn’t pander or cater to a “group consensus,” we KNOW that, without question, every day we’re going to either unknowingly enlighten someone or offend someone. It’s part of the game for anybody who steps outside their own little world and starts to question how how things “should” be and expand their perceptions about what’s possible.

As we write this, we often think of what Robert Ringer says: “To people with a herd mentality, acceptance is more important than money, dignity, or purpose. Which is unfortunate, because success and the desire for acceptance are mutually exclusive objectives...”

Think about that last quote for a second: “…success and the desire for acceptance are mutually exclusive objectives

Are you working towards success?  Or just trying not to offend anyone?

If it’s the latter, you’re just going to end up kissing your ass goodbye

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